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Being responsible for your health is highly important, and there are various things you have to consider. Getting an ultrasound is one of these important procedures, especially after suffering from a life-threatening injury.

It’s also important for when you are a pregnant mother because it helps you determine the welfare of your little one. Below are some of the aspects involved in determining the cost of an ultrasound:

The Average Cost of An Ultrasound


The average cost of ultrasound averages between $121 to $374. The cost of getting the ultrasound will depend on:

  • Whether the patient can make a direct pay price. It involves paying for the ultrasound procedure ahead of time, which makes the patient eligible for discounts.
  • Whether the patient wants to make the patients over time. Patients that want to make installment payments will have to pay more to compensate for the hospital’s risk-taking.
  • The estimated average cost that you have to pay for accessing the ultrasound care services. The price quotation will impact whether you can use installment plans or make a direct payment.
  • The specific terms that your service provider prescribes for providing ultrasound services. You have to access these terms before investing in a specific medical health service.
  • Your location and preferred health care platform or service provider. The terms they prescribe will determine the cost and payment plans that you can access.

What are the Common Ultrasound Procedures


There are different types of ultrasound procedures, and each also has a different price average. The cost of each procedure varies depending on tissue or bone damage level, and the extent of scanning required. These ultrasound procedures include:

  • A fetal biophysical profile occurs when you want to check the welfare of a fetus during gestation.
  • Spinal ultrasound occurs when you have possible spinal damage or experience a life-threatening injury.
  • Head and neck ultrasound procedures that you undergo to help check for the occurrence of injuries.
  • Bone ultrasound checks which you undergo to check for the presence of damage or deterioration.


You have to be careful with your health, especially when you have suffered from a life-threatening injury or disease. Learning more about the cost of ultrasound will make it easy to plan ahead of time for getting treatment.